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Losch Hoist Wall

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Hoist wall

Glossy elegance

This LOSCHWAND® Hoist wall is modern and highly presentable. It consists of a single element, which when open is parked completely out of sight in the ceiling or in front of/behind the facade. A flush recess in the floor is also possible for this application. A 12 meter wide and 4 meter high Hoist wall was installed for this specially customized project. The glass front is flush mounted in the closed position. To support the weight of the glass panes, three tonnes of counter-balance were installed hidden from view.

This is a successful example of an ideal customer-oriented room solution.

Specifications - LOSCHWAND® HOIST WALL

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Hoist wall - References

Banks / Financial institutions

Open, secure, and space-saving

The partition wall to the self-service zone opens within 90 seconds. With this 16 meter wide and over 3 meter high partition wall with a total weight of 4.5 tonnes, the effective storage behind the facade resulted in approx. 5 meters of space being saved which would otherwise have been needed for sliding doors.

Hotel / Gastronomy

Motorway restaurant, Korea

Korean construction methods have the objective of harmonizing positive and negative energies. Cultural requirements in this modern State include ensuring that the southern sides of buildings get as much sunlight as possible. LOSCH, as a global player, adapts their solutions to these requirements. In this project, the gastronomy area is flooded with sunlight via the glass wall without dazzling the guests, whereby direct solar radiation on the people is avoided via the roof awning. The LOSCHWAND® is the perfect alternative to artificial light in the open and closed positions.

Industry Solutions - References

Schools and canteens

Secondary school Korntal

Using the Hoist wall in the canteen area facilitates the individual and stylish design of the room. During the food preparation phase, the counter is closed; and for serving the food it is completely open within a few seconds (independent of the length of the Hoist wall).


For cafeterias and canteens

The LOSCH Hoist wall is adaptive to the environment and situational requirements. Closed walls for preparation of meals and preparing to serve the food. Open walls for the friendly reception of guests at a modern serving counter.

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